Giving you OPTIONS

Grow your business

Global Trade Pipeline is an organization designed to give its members access to a wide range of consumer products from manufacturers and suppliers in countries all around the world, through a supply chain that is both prompt and reliable.  We have found that many retailers struggle to identify the right suppliers, obtain good pricing and receive reliable product shipments.

When you succeed we succeed

At Global Trade Pipeline we are dedicated to providing a service that will help its members expand market share, strengthen customer loyalty, stabilize product shipments and increase profitability.

Connecting people GLOBALLY

Global Network


We specialize in global trade and connect you to markets around the world. We supply you with the consumer goods that your customers want.  We navigate the global economy so you can focus on your local market.



We manage the global supply chain paying close attention to the logistics as we carefully ship your order.  Making sure your product arrives on-time and undamaged is our top priority.


Relationships of Trust

We provide the highest level of customer service.  Clear and timely communication with our members is of vital importance.  We want you to know the status of your shipment at all times.

Bulk Delivery

Anywhere and Everywhere

We use the best carriers in the business to insure your order gets to you on time. We partner with the leading industry carriers for each shipping option; and we will use the most appropriate carrier to deliver your order.