Our Objective

We are committed to provide the highest level of customer service

Global Trade Pipeline was organized to serve as a single point of contact to provide business owners, throughout the world, access to a wider range of consumer products through a more reliable supply network.

We understand that product demand is constantly changing and evolving, and that having the right consumer product selection is vital to the success of your business.  Our team representatives work to stay ahead of purchasing trends and help to forecast future buying opportunities.

We also understand that your business success depends upon your ability to consistently resupply your product inventory.  And our team representatives work to insure that your product shipment arrives on-time and undamaged.

Our primary concern is the complete satisfaction of our network members.

Our services


We understand the needs of our members.  We consult, advise and recommend solutions based upon our global perspective.

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By accessing our network of global relationships, our members harness the purchasing power to acquire products at the best possible price.

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We act as partners with our members and take every detail into consideration when shipping product.

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It is critical that our members have a good buying experience in order to cultivate and preserve long-term relationships.

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Our Five Step Process



Identify Inventory Gaps

Do your customers have to shop with your competitors to find what they want?

You can increase your market share and strengthen customer loyalty by offering products and brands that your customers demand at prices they prefer.

Locate Product


Access to global commodities is the key to success for your business.

Through our global network of manufacturers and suppliers you gain access to an unlimited array of consumer products.


Bulk Purchasing

Your acquisition costs are lower through bulk purchasing.

We pass high volume purchasing discounts through to our members.  We are focused on increasing your profit margins by reducing your acquisition costs.

Container Shipping


We carefully monitor the status of each container from loading to shipping.

To minimize damage, we take care to load each container properly.  Our service representatives work personally with the fork-lift operators to insure that your order is packed properly for shipment.  And we only use the best carriers that are consistently reliable and transport on-time.


Customer Satisfaction

Delivering the right products on-time is our top priority.

Our members can count on reliable and accurate shipments.  Your satisfaction is the key to our success.  We are focused on establishing and maintaining strong long-term relationships.